Greenbrier Valley Airport prepared for winter weather


LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) – No traveler wants to deal with the headache of a delayed or canceled flight. Greenbrier Valley Airport starts looking at the weather days in advance to prepare for winter weather to keep passengers on track to get to their destinations. 

Aside from the task of remaining open, Greenbrier Valley Airport Manager, Stephen Snyder, explained the airport must also have a safe and clear runway for planes to land on.

“[The airport must] make sure that they’ve got a good landing surface, good braking action, and make sure we don’t roll someone off the end of the runway. So, the amount of responsibility is immense,” Snyder said. 

To ease some of the pressure, the airport has all of their snow machines prepped and ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

Snyder said the airport also uses a special material to melt ice off the runways. However, it must be used at the right time, treating the entire runway with the De-Icer can cost a pretty penny.

“For us to do a pre-treatment on the runway can cost up to $4,000. This is specialty material that does not corrode the aircraft parts. So it is a specialized material, it is expensive, so that means planning must take place,” Snyder said.

Greenbrier Valley Airport has spent the past few years building up its snow equipment so it can handle any emergency.

2019-01-13 01:37:00

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