Goose with arrow through body rescued at LSU lakes


EBR Animal Control workers rescue wounded goose (Source: EBR Animal Control)EBR Animal Control workers rescue wounded goose (Source: EBR Animal Control)
Goose spotted at LSU lakes with an arrow sticking out of its body (Source: WAFB)Goose spotted at LSU lakes with an arrow sticking out of its body (Source: WAFB)


A goose with an arrow through its body was rescued early Wednesday morning by East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control agents. 

The rescue effort was launched on Mardi Gras Day after a viewer sent an email to the WAFB newsroom. The photo was sent just before 4 p.m. and showed a goose walking around the LSU lakes with an arrow sticking out of its body.

The arrow appeared to be under the wings of the goose. It was unclear if the arrow had actually pierced the goose’s body.

Dennis and Gail Dickson first spotted the injured goose and called Animal Control. Two Animal Control workers used nets to try to capture the goose, but were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, two brave LSU fraternity brothers from Pi Kappa Phi, Lee LeBlanc and Payton Braud, volunteered to pilot a canoe out into the lake to try to lure the goose back to shore. The canoe was rented from the nearby LSU Rec Center. The two frat brothers were deemed the #GooseNavy by WAFB’s viewers watching on Facebook Live.

LeBlanc and Braud attempted to corral the goose back to shore, but whenever they would get close, the goose would get spooked and fly away. Our viewers lovingly named the goose Mardi Goose, although some were rooting for the name Cupid.

Animal Control then arrived on the scene, but unfortunately did not have a functioning net gun on hand to trap the goose. At this point, the #GooseNavy disbanded, having tried to rescue the goose numerous times. You might say Mardi Goose was leading them on a “wild goose chase” around the lake. 

As of 6 p.m., the goose had still not been captured. Three workers with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) arrived on the scene as it was beginning to get dark and said a rescue attempt will be made again in the morning.

The goose was finally rescued early Wednesday morning. The goose is being taken to the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. . 

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