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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A central Indiana teacher is encouraging educators to make the next month of E-learning effective.

For students in Indiana, for the next couple of weeks all of their work will be done at home and online. Don Wettrick is challenging both teachers and students to think outside of the box when it comes to online learning.

Wettrick previously has taught in Greenwood, Franklin, and Noblesville schools. He recently founded the STARTed UP Foundation. When he heard of the possible school closures due to the coronavirus he and his team wanted to help the thousands of teachers whose curriculum was about to be flipped upside down.

We decided to create a little more content for teachers that wanted to have some more creativity and innovation focus to their e-learning,” said Wettrick.

Now, Wettrick has created a program that already 200 teachers from around the country have signed up for to help create an effective online learning experience.

“Adjusting with what does a class discussion look like and what does collaboration look like,” said Wettrick.

Dan Shultz is a high school engineering teacher in Northern Indiana. He is assigning his students part of this curriculum when they get back to school on Monday.

‘What Don has put in place is going to help a lot of people and a lot of teachers who don’t have that work flow in place and even for me who does have that work flow in place,” said Shultz.

Students will watch videos with guest talks from some of the biggest innovators in the country, then will be assigned an activity based on the video.

“It is more like guided discovery,” said Shultz.

Not only will this help students be able to effectively learn from home, but it will also help teachers craft an online curriculum until they are able to get back into the classroom.

“Here is you know two weeks of content, let’s work collaboratively. Let’s not waste this time. Let’s not give mind-numbingly boring assignments,” said Shultz.

Wettrick has a podcast where in one of his episodes he talks about his ideas of how to effectively use online platforms to teach your students. The STARTedUp website has all of his materials and the program related to online learning.

Sierra Hignite
2020-03-25 21:13:37

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