Flooding concerns rise with heavy rainfall


A Storm Team 12 Weather Alert continues Tuesday as heavy rainfall pounds most of Kansas.

Eyewitness News reporters Melissa Murray and Shane Konicki are out across the state where rain and flooding has forced road closures, school delays and even some cancelations.

Sedgwick schools are closed Tuesday due to the flooding and the rising of the Little Arkansas River

The National Weather Service in Wichita says the Arkansas River near Mulvane will reach a historic mark Wednesday morning. The river is expected to reach more than 19 feet, near major flood stage. Mulvane Fire Rescue says the all-time record is 21 feet – set back in 1982.

For a list of state highways closed by flooding, check here: http://www.kandrive.org/kandrive Find other localized flood information below.

Cowley County
Bliss Street from 9th-19th in Winfield
K-15 about 1.5 miles north of Dexter

Harvey County
 E 1st between Rock & East Lake Rd
 W Dutch between Emma Creek & N Mission
 S Willow Lake Rd ¼ mile north of Hwy 50
 S Mission Rd south of Hwy 50
 S Essex Heights south of HWY 50
 S River Park Rd south of Hwy 50
 S Hertzler north of Hwy 50
 N Woodlawn between NE 12th & NE 24th
 NW 60th west of Burmac
 W Dutch between N Burmac & N Woodberry Rd
 N Hillside at NE 24th

High Water Areas
 S Kansas at SE 72nd, SE 84th, & SE 125th St

Reno County
Jordan Springs rd from Trails West to Lake Cable
Sylvia from US HWY 50 to Trails West
Salem Rd from Maple Grove to Smoots Creek (county line)
Sun City Rd from Partridge to Riverton
Sun City from K14 to McNew
Pennington Rd from 56th to 82nd
Mayfield Rd from 69th to 82nd
Summers Rd from 75th to 85th
Sunrise Rd from 82nd to 91st
Worthington from Ave G to 4th
69th from Old K61 to Kent Rd
Mayfield from 69th to 108th
Sunrise from 82nd to 95th
4th from Herren to Dean
69th from K14 to Yaggy
Herren from K14 to 82nd
Wilson from 82nd to 108th
95th from Wilson to Pennington
Parallel from Highway 11 to Bone Springs
Salee from 82nd to 108th
Dean from 56th to 82nd
Tobacco from 95th to 108th
43rd from Kent to Willison
Kent 43rd to 69th
Trails West from Willison to Haven Rd
82nd from Kent to Old K61
Red Rock K14 to McNew
85th from Mayfield to Old K61
Mayfield from 82nd to 85th
82nd from Mayfield to Kent

Woodberry Road bridge from 30th to 43rd is closed

Water on roadway with high water signs:

Mowhawk from 4th to Clark
Yoder Rd. from K96 to Greenfield
Yoder Rd. from Lake Cable to Arlington Rd
Sego from Clark to Blanchard
Hodge from 4th to 43rd
Yoder Rd from K96 to Switzer
Yoder Rd from Longview to Greenfield
Sego from Andre and Red Rock
Kent from Ave G to 4th
Buhler Rd from Ave G to 50 Highway
Arlington Rd from Yoder to Halstead
Whiteside from Redrock to Greenfield
56th from Wilson to Pennington
Red Rock from K14 to Broadacres
82nd from Yaggy to Dean
Redrock from McNew to Sand Creek
Haven Rd from K96 to Irish Creek
Arlington Rd from Haven Rd to Rayl Rd

Salina County
Saline County emergency officials are encouraging residents in the town of New Cambria to evacuate as the water level rises in the Smoky Hill River. Major flooding is expected Tuesday afternoon with a projected crest at 34 feet. At 33 feet, roads within the city are expected to flood along with roads near the river. Flooding is also expected in low-lying areas.

The rising water in the Mulberry Creek also threatens about 200 homes in northern Salina. Saline County officials say the water will crest at 27.8 feet on Tuesday around noon. At 27.8 feet, roads could fill up with 3 feet of water in northern Salina, mostly around Stimmel Road and south from 9th Street to Ohio Street. Other flooding may occur north of I-70 from 9th Street to Ohio Street. The westbound entrance ramp onto I-70 from 9th Street will most likely be flooded.

Sedgwick County
In Wichita: * 1st and Bleckley. * 2nd and Bleckley. * 3rd and Bleckley* English and Bleckley * Waterman and Bleckley * Lewis and Bleckley * Murdock – Harding and Battin * Pine – Glendale and Harding Elm – Glendale and Harding * 159th and Wren Field * Lincoln and Brookhaven * Harry – Brookhaven and Tamarisk * Pawnee – Sheridan and Edwards * Meridian – Douglas and Maple * 8th St N and Harding * Murdock – Harding and Battin ## Barricades will be removed once the water recedes.

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