First look at St. Paddy’s Day weather in Cleveland: Warmer, rainy so far


CLEVELAND, Ohio – It’s cold and snowy now. So what will the weather be on St. Patrick’s Day? So far, the forecast isn’t looking so great: warmer, with chances of scattered rain.

This is an extremely early look so the forecast could definitely shift, but long-range forecast models suggest a strong low-pressure area tracking east toward Northeast Ohio. With the jet stream creating a river of moisture and warmth from the southwest, temperatures will be warmer than normal, and the moisture will reinforce developing showers.

Highs could reach the mid 50s, with lows in the mid 40s. Scattered rain is possible at any time, but that’s just because of how far out the forecast is. Once we get closer to the Irish holiday, we’ll get a much better idea of when the rain is expected to hit, and whether you’ll want to head out to the St. Patrick’s Day parade. (It’s on a Saturday this year!)

Regardless of the threat of rain, the parade likely won’t be canceled, as the parade committee told that only happens in cases of “extreme weather,” like frigid temperatures or heavy downpours or snow.

Model forecast of mean sea-level pressure:

Model forecast of the jet stream:

I’ll be sending out updates on this forecast throughout next week, so keep checking in with!

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2018-03-09 09:57:00

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