Faithful Chiefs fan says winter weather won’t keep him from missing Saturday’s home playoff game


HAYSVILLE, Kan. (KSNW) – The end of the school day can’t come fast enough for Haysville’s Rex Elementary teacher Kelly Kennedy. 

“It’s been a long week waiting to getting up there and of course not having a game last weekend it feels like forever since I’ve been to arrowhead,” said Chiefs fan Kelly Kennedy

This is Kennedy’s 24th year as a season ticket holder. 

“Right here we have hometown boy Mike Bell was defensive end for the

Chiefs,” said Kennedy. 

He goes to every home game and if he can, to the playoff games as well. 
“I’ve been to a few up there but they’re all exciting and fun to go up to,” said Kennedy. 

This Saturday should be the same as the Chiefs take on the Colts. The only thing standing in his way – traveling in the winter weather. 
When asked if he’s worried about it- he had this reaction. 

“Umm a little, but not enough to change it, we’re still leaving in the

morning. We’ll leave a little earlier maybe than usual for a late game but just so we can

get up there in time,” said Kennedy. 

Kennedy says snow or shine he’ll be there with his lucky game day attire rooting for his beloved team.

” I have a jersey that the Chiefs gave all season ticket holders,” said Kennedy. I put my

number on from when I played football and of course my name on the back.”



Kennedy’s co-coach for the Campus High School boys swimming and diving team, Steve Crum, is also a season ticket-holder. While tomorrow may be cold, Crum said Friday afternoon: snow is better than rain.

“A couple of us have been to the coldest game ever at Arrowhead which was against Buffalo about 7 or 8 years ago and the wind chill was like minus 40,” Crum said.

Crum goes against the grain and doesn’t wear a coat: instead opting for layers.

Greg and Sheila Yocom are season ticket-holders from Wichita, choosing to take off early Saturday morning for Arrowhead.

“I grew up back in the days Len Dawson was playing, he was sitting on the sidelines smoking a cigarette, drinking a Fresca,” Greg said.

The Yocoms have Chiefs ski hats they’re wearing to keep warmth close during tomorrow’s chilly game.

” I’m convinced it’s gonna be a Chiefs win,” Greg said.


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