Embracing the winter weather in Wisconsin


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – While some people have winter fatigue and are waiting for the snow to go away, others are embracing it.

Winter sport businesses and ski or sledding hills are thriving and said business has been very good this season.

David Zeller at Green Bay’s Zeller’s Ski and Sports said the winter started off slow but it quickly turned around.

“Obviously lately it’s been absolutely fantastic, not only locally with the snow here, but out West we’re having record year with snowfall so it’s been a good run for the last few months,” said David Zeller, Co-owner of Zeller’s Ski and Sports, Inc.

Zeller said people have pent up energy and he’s noticed the enthusiasm from those who just want to get outside in the snow.

“From a positive standpoint, people kind of dread winter because they think about shoveling and that sort of thing, but you know, you’ve got to get out there and enjoy these things, the snow-shoeing, the cross-country skiing, the downhill skiing, there’s just so many opportunities,” said Zeller.

Kewaunee County’s Winter Park, open on weekends for sledding and skiing, has stayed busy the last few months.

“The advantage for us here, hopefully we’ll be open a lot longer than we were in years past, the last 2 years we’ve closed late February usually we like to be open until March, so last year it got really warm and rainy and then we got snow in April, which didn’t really help us a whole lot, but this year we’re hoping to stay open a lot longer so more options for people to get out and enjoy the weather we have,” said Dave Myers who is the Department Head for Promotion and Recreation in Kewaunee County.

Myers and Zeller both said it’s easier to just embrace it.

“People that surf on the couch, it’s a long miserable winter, if you get out there and see the benefit of it, it’s absolutely an amazing thing, and makes the winter go a lot faster,” said Zeller.

2019-02-11 21:56:21

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