Do the “H” and “L” on weather maps signify fair and inclement weather?


Dear Tom,
Is it valid to relate the “H” and “L” on weather maps to both fair and inclement weather, respectively?

Andy Warchester, Chicago

Dear Andy,
“H” and “L” on weather maps, called high and low pressure centers, indicate the locations of areas of relative highest and lowest air pressure. These places are determined solely by air pressure, but it’s valid to generalize about the kinds of weather associated with them. A high pressure system (the area of high pressure surrounding a high pressure center) is usually several hundred miles across and brings fair, tranquil weather. A low pressure system is associated with inclement weather (clouds, wind, precipitation). The generalizations (high pressure – fair weather; low pressure – stormy weather) are usually valid, but exceptions occur often enough to make weather forecasting tricky.

2020-04-15 04:45:00

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