Des Moines Public Works Busy Preparing for Winter Weather Expected Later This Week

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines city officials say the response during the first major snow event of the year went well, and now they are busy preparing for the next one.

City of Des Moines Public Works says there were almost 1500 parking tickets issued for parking on snow routes last weekend.

“Getting cars off the street can be a big improvement to the snow plowing experience. It lets the drivers go curb to curb from the very first moment that they are out there working,” City of Des Moines Public Works Director Jonathan Gano said.

Gano said it’s important residents know there may be snowpack left behind on side streets because they don’t typically put salt down on those.

“Snowpack is OK to drive on at low speeds for short distances everybody lives within four blocks of a snow route by design and we’ve adjusted the snow route system to make that work out that way but icy streets are not okay they’re not safe to drive on at any speed so if that snowpack turns into ice at any location we encourage residents when they see that to give us a call at our main call center it’s open 24/7,” Gano said.

Officials also want to remind residents they have 48 hours after the snow stops to clear off their sidewalks.

UnityPoint Health Trauma Coordinator Brian Feist said it’s important to take it slow on icy or slick sidewalks.

“There’s actually a safety walk called ‘the penguin walk’ that we can do when we find ourselves on snow and ice and the way that we do this is it’s very slow, it’s very methodical it’s heel to toe motion. So what you first want to do is make sure your hands are out of your pockets just in case you do fall you’re able to catch yourself. Next what you want to do is you want to point your toes out to the side. It gives you a wider base, gives you more security and as you take a step you want to make sure you go heel to toe as you step,” Feist said.

Feist said it’s also very important to be aware of your surroundings more so than normal to try and prevent a fall.

If there are slick streets or sidewalks that continue to be an issue in your neighborhood, Public Works wants you to report them on the My DSM mobile app or by calling 515-283-4950.

2020-01-15 04:20:00

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