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Countryfile viewers tuned in to see the BBC weather forecast delivered by Susan Powell earlier this evening. 

The meteorologist summarised the five-day forecast with temperatures below zero, high chances of frost and regular intervals of rain. 

She explained how the new week is “going to remain chilly” with “a widespread frost developing tonight”. 

And it will be followed by “a brief glimpse of milder, finer weather, mid-week,” but not to be fooled because “it looks pretty stormy by the time we get to Friday… with the arrival of storm Oscar”.

“[Overnight] temperatures down to minus three or minus four for some of us, there could be some ice first thing on Monday.” 

As Tuesday rolls round, “generally not bad weather” can be expected although it will still be “chilly”. 

Susan then looked ahead to the next couple of days and said: “Now Tuesday into Wednesday, more milder conditions that we’ve been used to with the wind coming in from the south.

“Temperatures will get back closer to average, twelve or thirteen degrees Celsius, but some of the rain will be heavy.” 

Towards the end of the week, viewers saw the presenter describe the picture as “messy” which indicated the “uncertainty in the forecast”. 

The nation could see highs of twelve degrees down south, with the north feeling colder at just eight degrees. 

“Overall again, a lot of dry weather,” the meteorologist added in relation to the middle of the week. 

However it is all set to change by the time Friday comes around. 

“Now, for the end of the week, let’s head to the Atlantic… tropical storm Oscar,” Susan began. 

“By Friday it starts to get hooked up into the feed of weather coming our way – not as a storm but as a deep area of low pressure with tropical elements mixed into it. 

“There will be mild air in there, it will also have some heavy rain.

“Friday and into the weekend we are expecting the prospect of some widespread gales and at some stage a spell of pretty heavy rain as well.” 

Susan ended the weather forecast by noting the “big changes to come”. 

“Cold on Monday, stormy and windy by Friday,” she concluded. 

Countryfile airs next Sunday at 5pm on BBC One. 

2018-10-28 19:02:12

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