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Cold expected to stay for the rest of the month


For the first time this season, Knoxville woke up Monday with frost to scrape off windshields and chilly gusts of wind, not to mention lots of fog as the cold met the warmer temperatures of local bodies of water.

The forecast predicts the cool temperatures are here to stay at least until the end of the month.

A cold front from the northwest is keeping temperatures low, but they will rise a bit for the next few days as it passes. Then another cold front will send temperatures back down again,, leaving East Tennessee cold for the rest of October.

Unusually hot, unusually cold

While this month began unusually warm, the latter half is turning out to be unusually cold. This means that despite the sudden change in weather, October overall is expected to average out the normal even though temperatures are currently 15 degrees below average.

The normal temperatures for Knoxville around this time of year is a high of 70 degrees and a low of 47, according to Andrew Moulton, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Morristown. Temperatures dipped down to 33 degrees Sunday night.

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Fog rises on a chilly Monday morning off South Northshore Drive, across from the Town Center Boulevard intersection in Southwest Knox County. (Photo: Amy J. Vellucci/News Sentinel)

While temperatures are not yet technically freezing, it may be time to start preparing for colder weather. People should prepare by checking their pipes and plants. Water should be run intermittently to prevent freezing, and plants which do not handle the cold well should be brought inside.

Pets should also be brought inside to avoid potential health issues. Finally, people can expect to break out their fall clothes and dress up in coats and sweaters as Halloween approaches.

“Kids also need to be kept warm for the bus commute in the morning,” Moulton said. “It’s the coldest part of the day.”

What’s the South Carolina game forecast?

Rain is also expected to come through later in the week, starting Friday. While showers are expected to break on Saturday, the Vols may not be able to escape them as they head to Columbia, South Carolina for this week’s football game.

The high in Columbia is expected to hover around 60 degrees Saturday, with a chance for rain.

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