Cloudy today, more snow tomorrow


We saw another round of light snow showers overnight last night with a widespread 1-3 inches. Some areas to our west may have seen up to 4 inches as well. This is causing issues for your morning commute this morning as there are plenty of slippery stretches and snow covered roads. The timing and intensity of last nights snow is very similar to what we saw yesterday, so expect similar conditions on your commute this morning. Roads will get better by the afternoon, as the accumulation has now moved out of the area. Tomorrow we are tracking another weak clipper system that looks to move through the area. The latest models are still indicating around 1-3 inches for most spots tomorrow, but it will generally fall in the late morning to late afternoon. This means the morning commute tomorrow will likely be fine, while the drive home will be slick with potentially snow covered roads.

2020-01-14 09:45:11

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