Chicago Weather: Slippery roads hampering morning commute

Light to moderate snow fell Monday morning over parts of Chicago and the northern suburbs, making for slippery roads during rush hour.

Plow driver Nick Stamayannos knows that snow is good for business. But even he says enough is enough.

“There’s a certain time frame that your geared mentally to do this. Now it’s more where are my flip flops?” he said.

He says this pesky snow led to chaos on the roads in northern Lake County Monday morning.

“Slide offs, the usual, cars in the ditch,” Stamayannos said.

But Tony Sullinger from Antioch says snow isn’t his biggest problem. It’s the buildup of ice that’s been causing him headaches.

“Actually, the ice built up on the tree and with the high winds snapped it come over the road, took out a power line. We were without power for five hours,” he said.

Slow but steady flurries throughout the morning meant small accumulations across Lake County.

Patrick and Pamela Tyrrell said it made their regular walk around the block feel a bit different.

“This is much more like January weather right now, we’re expecting short sleeves and daffodils blooming right now, but we don’t have it right now,” said Patrick Tyrrell, Wadsworth resident.

But they’re choosing to look at the glass half full.

“I just think it’s beautiful. I love it. You can’t change it, so you might as well embrace it,” he said.

It might be April, but the weather did not mirror the calendar Sunday.

“Every single day it is up down here. Some days it is 60 degrees. The next day it is snowing,” said Garrett Landwehr. “I am still wearing my winter jacket, retired the boots but I almost feel like I have to bust them back out again.”

In Gurnee, an inch of heavy snow and ice brought down tree branches and caused accidents along I-94 Sunday.

“Couple of people spinning out, pumping breaks, sliding into the ditches is not good…I’d stay inside if you can,” said motorist Brendon Nosal. “This is about what we can expect in the Midwest. You never know what we’re going to get. This time of the year, snow, rain and water. This is normal.”

In Chicago, it wasn’t snow, but heavy rain and ice that cancelled the final Cubs game in a series against the Atlanta Braves Sunday.

Many fans found out about the cancellation after driving several hours to Wrigley Field.
“We’re from St. Joe, Michigan, and we took the train in this morning,” said Cubs fan Ronda Dunn. “Got up bright and early.”

“We were here opening year last year,” said Cubs fan Lonne Weldon. “That’s kind of our annual thing and we were in t-shirts. They were taking sweatshirts off by third inning.”

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

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