Car washes pick up during warm weather


If your car took a beating during the harsh winter weather, now is the time to wash it.

Workers at Red Roof Car Wash in Quincy said when there is a break of warm weather after snow, they get busier than usual.

They said on Saturday and Sunday, cars were lined up, waiting to clean off the dirt and salt caused by the snow.

He said they have to work hard to get everyone in and out quickly.

“Everybody wants to be out and get the salt off their car and the snow is melting so everything is just wet,” Red Roof Car Wash Worker Jackson Connell said. “The cars were probably backed up three deep and problems were happening here and every once in a while just needed a fix, so just hectic getting everybody in and out and making them happy making sure their cars were all clean.”

Workers said although a lot of cars moving through causes the washers to glitch, it did not prevent them from getting any cars washed over the weekend.

2019-02-04 02:25:33

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