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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Essential businesses are the only places allowed to be open during a temporary lockdown order from the governor, but even those businesses are feeling the limitations placed on them by the virus. Even with those restrictions, businesses are going above and beyond to help the community in need. Some are going to great lengths to help employees feel important and just as essential as the business.

Places like Indy Vital usually work with a bunch of cool machines to give people the therapy they need, but when only one patient is allowed in the building at a time, it can slow their income.

“Hopefully, we have a very good idea and a very good practice, so we’ll make it through,” said medical director Cristovao Vieira.

If you can’t schedule an appointment, Indy Vital is still trying to help patients the best they can through video chats.

“We can give you advice,” Vieria said. “And if we feel like you need to see a doctor, then you can come over and see us face-to-face.”

Places like Prime 47 are sticking to pick-up like many restaurants. But they’re going above and beyond to make sure their employees are well taken care of. They’re paying staff their average wage and servers get their average tipped wage calculated over the last five weeks.

“When you preach about loyalty, it’s very important to reciprocate that,” Prime 47 owner Jeremiah Hamman said. “So in times of need, not just recently, but previously, we’ve always tried to be there to help them as well.”

Hamman says Prime 47’s employees are like family. And he wouldn’t spend a second thought wondering if helping his family is the right decision.

“It’s more than just about the bottom line,” Hamman said. “It’s about everybody winning together. It’s not a winning scenario if just a few people get to win. We care very deeply about their families. We care very deeply about their livelihood. And it is very important that they survive this as relatively unscathed as possible.”

If you know of any businesses going above and beyond, News 8 would love to hear about them and share what they’re doing.

Travis Robinson
2020-03-25 23:04:59

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