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Buckling: Hot Weather Road Damage



Heat can be enjoyable when you are cooling off with water activities, but excessive high temperatures can have a negative impact on area roads. Buckles in the road can occur when excessive heat meets moisture.

“Moisture just gets so hot it just steams up and expands into the joints, and can cause spots that maybe were weak to begin with, to just pop a little bit. Then traffic hits it and beats it down and it causes some issues,” said Mitch Leatherby, Superintendent with City of Rockford Public Works. 

The Illinois Department of Transportation sent out a statement saying: 

“One of the hottest weeks of the year means the potential for pavement failures will increase, we have the necessary staffing and materials in place to make repairs as quickly as possible. We ask the public to stay alert and avoid driving over buckled roads, if possible, while giving our crews plenty of room to work.”

“We do have a couple of buckles, a little bit of problems with the roads in this type of weather, but most of the problems we have are during the winter,” said Daniel Conness, Rockford Township Highway Commissioner. 

The Rockford Highway department says it’s planning to repair a buckle in the road from winter damage on Roxbury and Guilford Road starting Wednesday.  

“For all motorists out there, be aware, look around you know just like any other day when you are driving,” said Leatherby. 

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