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BBC weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood said Northern Ireland and Scotland would see temperatures “much cooler” on Thursday.

The BBC forecaster also claimed temperatures across the south east of the country could reach 30C.

She said: “The forecast today for all of us is largely dry, there will be some sunshine around some sunny spells because there will be variable amounts of cloud around as well.

“There are a few showers but if you are in Scotland or Northern Ireland it’s going to be much cooler than it did yesterday.

“Yesterday was 29.1C in Giant’s Causeway. It was 28.8C in Aviemore and today you can expect a good 10 degree drop.”

Ms Kirkwood added: “Moving through the day our weak weather front continues to move across Scotland and out of Northern Ireland, behind it will brighten up.

“Again it won’t be much more than a band of cloud, weak so sunny spells with develop around it.

“For England and for Wales will see some fair weather cloud as well. And as temperatures rise some showers will develop around parts of Wales, into Devon and Cornwall, heading towards Kent. The Midlands, for example, parts of the south east. But, we won’t all see them.

“Temperatures up to 30C in the south east, 16C to 19C in Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

Kirkwood moved on to Friday, adding: “All the cloud rolls back to the north sea and burns away, there might be one or two sticky pockets the thang around there, but a lot of sunshine tomorrow.

“Temperatures are set to rise again it could spark off the odd shower, but in Scotland and Northern Ireland the temperatures will be higher tomorrow, again 30C and 31C across the south east.”

The Met Office has forecast “plenty more fine weather to enjoy” this weekend as they also predict temperatures could hit 30C.

Forecaster Alex Deakin said: “Dry and sunny for the vast majority and temperatures could be on the rise, especially across the south again this weekend, we’re talking about 30C in some spots.”

Some experts have even claims July could see temperatures creep towards the 38.5C record this month.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden said: “Our model projections are consistently showing with high confidence temperatures in excess of 30C for many parts of the country through the first half of this month.

“If things stay on track there is every opportunity that we could approach or go close to the all time maximum temperature record of 38.5C within this period.”

BBC weather’s outlook reads: “This weekend will see high pressure building back over the UK which will see a return to some dry and very warm conditions.

“Saturday will be largely dry with lots of sunshine, although cloud will build in from the north-west and spread across Scotland during the day.”

Temperatures at the end of last month remained at 30C or above for six days – the first time this has happened in June since the historic scorcher of 1976.

Leading bookmaker Coral has even slashed offs to 1-4 that this summer will go on to be the hottest on record.

Coral’s Harry Aitkenhead said: “We are baking in some of the best weather the UK has ever had, and with World Cup fever reaching its peak too there’s every chance that the summer of 2018 could go on to be both a record breaker and one of the most memorable ever.”

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